Power Quality Practitioner™

"Practitioner is one who brings an art or science to full realization"

PQMS Case History United Illuminating Company, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.


  • Customer has 18 EPQ 5530T
  • Two 61000 Series DataNodes
  • Uses Encore Series software in combination with PQView and PQweb
  • Monitoring at every bulk power substation and at many key customers.
  • SARFI rates are computed monthly and quarterly using PQView and tracked to determine problem areas
  • Sources of events (transmission or distribution) and cause of events (animals, equipment, splice, etc.) are tracked in PQView database with measurement data
  • Key customers have been presented monitoring and SARFI data when questions arise on whether UI is providing sub par power.
  • UI regularly presents its regulator with annual SARFI indices in addition to reliability indices
  • Collected measurements can be queried and viewed on corporate intranet using PQWeb